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Shivangi –(Ardhanariswara)

Based on the verses from "Kumar Shambhav"by Kalidas.

The choreography begins with Lord Shiva preparing for his penance, and Parvathi Devi, with her companions,is engaged by her father, King Himalaya, to assist Shiva with his arrangements of the Puja. Parvathi falls in Love with Shiva and wishes to achieve Shiva’s Love. Kamadeva (The God of Love), with his companion Spring and wife Rati, appears at Shiva’s place and, with the gods’ instruction, tries to initiate the spark of Love in the heart of Yogi Shiva by shooting his love arrows.
Shiva’s penance gets disturbed, and he opens his third eye and burns Kamadeva into ashes. Parvathi’s desire breaks into pieces; she endures in acts of Tapas (penance) to win himas her husband. Shiva being pleased with her penance, surrenders himself to Parvathi and decides to give away half of his body to her. The disciples around him saw in awe when for the first time, the body of the Shiva merged with his beloved – Only the left eye was anointed with collyrium, and the bosom on the left side bulged large. And suddenly, the waist seems slender while the pubic region looks wide, and the combined figure of Shiva and Parvathy emerges as Ardhanariswara.
Pallavi Krishnan, a leading exponent of Mohiniyattam in the national and international performance circuit, is acclaimed for her versatility as a performer, choreographer, and trainer. Initially, Pallavi earned her training in Kathakali and Mohiniyattam under Guru Kalamandalam Sankaranarayanan at Santiniketan.

Pallavi Krishnan
Artistic Director.
Lasya Akademi of Mohiniyattam
Charulata, 16th Street, Hari Nagar.
Thrissur – 680 002.
Kerala ,INDIA.

Mob: +91 9447181584 &
+91 6282 255 922

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